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Due to the increasing number of suppliers to be coordinated as well as the increasing complexity of supply chains, manufacturers are also faced with an increasing amount of work associated with the exchange and the life cycle management of certificates. With Xtanio, we make this complexity manageable and bring transparency to your supply chain and compliance status.


Regardless of whether you need quality certificates, environmental standards or sustainability proofs - with Xtanio you have all certificates of your company and your suppliers under control, across all locations. Dashboards provide you with an overview of your current compliance status. Xtanio's Life Cycle Management ensures that recertifications are aimed for on time. Thus valid certificates are always available on the platform.


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Xtanio Benefits

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  • Certificate management as a service
  • Life cycle management of all certificates to
    ensure compliance
  • Transparency across the entire supply chain
  • Single Point of Truth of all relevant certificates
    for your business
  • Overview and detailed status of all certificates
    via clear dashboards
  • Access to the latest certificates and proofs
    at any time
  • Saves time and resources
  • Transparent pricing

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